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showhow have a range of purpose built props for hire from seating, shelving and screens to bars, display units and hanging rails. Most of our props come finished in white but can be painted any colour. Many items work in tandem with others to produce aesthetic and functional sets.


showhow are more than happy to work with you and offer suggestions that suit your purpose. We can deliver and fit where required and do not charge a deposit when doing so. Most of the items shown are held in quantity but availability may vary.Please contact us if you need an idea of price or want to discuss your requirements.

Bars and Reception Desks
  • Size: 2000mm wide approx - 1100mm high top 300mm deep

  • Note: third section can be added - can be recovered if required - internal shelving

  • Size: configuration shown 3500mm approx

  • Note: shelving in back of bar; coloured panel can be painted or take graphics - requires fitting.

  • Size: configuration shown approx 5000mm long; bar top 600mm wide

  • Note: shelving in back of bar; coloured panel can be painted or take graphics - requires fitting

  • Size: 3000mm long - 1200mm high bar top 600mm wide

  • Note: sections can be added to make long or L bar etc; lights can be gelled if required - graphics can be applied; shelving to back of bar - requires fitting

  • Size: 2000mm long - 1000mm high bar top 2400mm long - 600mm deep

  • Note: sections can be added as required - lights can be gelled - graphics can be applied - internal shelving

  • Size: top 2200mm long - 675mm wide - 1000mm high

  • Note: boards sanded, oiled and sealed

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Sustainability - showbench are specialists in bench hire for fashion shows, exhibitions, events, conferences etc. All benches are designed and built by us.

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